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Manifest positivity with Sabrina. This divine sea glass + gold necklace is handmade with love, featuring sea glass collected by hand on the shores surrounding the Panama Canal.

Each piece in the Ingrid Caduri collection is named after an inspiring woman in her life. The Sabrina necklace encourages cheer and positivity, helping you maintain gratitude and overcome negativity in your life.

Color availability varies according to what the ocean delivers. Select your favorites below and Ingrid will create a beautiful palette with your chosen hues.

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Product Description

Fast Facts

  • Layered Necklace – 2 Chains – One Lobster Clasp
  • Longer Chain – 14 Karat Gold Filled Cable Chain 20″- Single Sea Glass Stone
  • Sea Glass Measures: 1″ long, 1/2″ wide – rectangular shape
  • Shorter Chain – 14 Karat Gold Filled Sparkle Chain 15″- Tiny Gold Crescent

Sea Glass: The Ultimate Survivor

Did you know sea glass is literally shaped by the sea? Naturally produced sea glass (like the kind in this collection) was once simply broken glass, often from discarded bottles, shipwrecks and other manmade debris.

But as ocean lovers know, the sea has a way of transforming all who enter it. After decades of nonstop tumbling in the waves, those broken shards of glass emerge as the smooth, luminous sea glass you see today. This physical and chemical weathering process can take up to 50 years to acquire its characteristic texture and shape.

And so, it is our belief that sea glass is the ultimate survivor. Every stone is transformed from trash to treasure. Jagged edges soften, a new shape is revealed, a protective layer forms, a unique glow appears. During all of this, the sea glass is alone, patient, persistent. It trusts in the process. It doesn’t shatter, it doesn’t sink. It emerges, finally, glittering proudly upon the beach, until someone comes along who recognizes how special it is.

When we wear sea glass, we are wearing the ocean’s jewelry– and the transformative energy within.

Color Selection

Ingrid collects her sea glass by hand (sometimes with aid of her adorable daughter) on the shores surrounding the Panama Canal. Each piece of glass is uniquely forged by Mother Nature herself, so colors will vary.

Rare Colors

Some of the rarest and most exciting sea glass colors are: Cobalt Blue, True Turquoise, Blush Pink, Lavender, and Plum Purple (oh and marbles and bottle stoppers).  All of these colors, with the exception of cobalt blue, are not available on the website.  These special gems are made into one of a kind jewelry each, and posted for sale weekly on all of our social media.  So follow Ingrid Caduri Jewelry on Facebook and Instagram if you want to snag one of these rare beauties!

Care Instructions

This gorgeous necklace is made with sea glass that has been hand collected from the shores surrounding the Panama Canal. Glass is fragile, so take care not to bang it as it may chip. To keep the glass on your jewelry lustrous, give it a rub with coconut oil once in a while.

Avoid wet activity while wearing your jewelry.  Taking the time to remove it for swimming, ocean activities, showering, applying body cream, washing your hands, will extend the life of your gorgeous jewelry.

The metal used is 14 karat gold filled wire, and in some cases has been hammered. It may require more frequent polishing than pure 14 karat gold. Whenever you oil your glass is a good time to rub the gold with a jewelry polishing cloth.

Return and Refund Policy

Ingrid does not accept returns based on ordering the wrong size or buyer’s remorse.  If your jewelry should arrive damaged or if there was a mistake with your order, please send an email and Ingrid will make it right.

Shipping Information

Your order will ship within 3-5 business days.  Each package is shipped with a tracking number via EMS Panama, and it can take anywhere from 10 days to 3 weeks to arrive.  If you are wanting your jewelry to arrive by a particular date, please email Ingrid and we can explore other shipping options. Ingrid is not liable for items lost in the mail, however she will do everything in her power to help you find it should it not arrive.

Additional Information

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Aqua, Cobalt Blue, Dark Olive Green, Frosty White, Kelly Green, Light Sage Green

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