Ingrid Caduri Jewelry

Designer sea glass jewelry made with love and positive intention.

-Wear the Ocean’s Energy-


Real Life Sea Goddesses (on Instagram.)

Did you know sea glass is literally shaped by the sea? Naturally produced sea glass, like the kind in this collection, was once simply broken glass. But as ocean lovers know, the sea has a way of transforming all who enter it. After decades of nonstop tumbling in the waves, those broken shards of glass emerge as the smooth, luminous sea glass you see today.

Sea glass is the ultimate survivor. Every stone is transformed into treasure. Jagged edges soften and a unique glow appears. During the process, the sea glass is alone, patient, persistent. It doesn’t shatter, it doesn’t sink. It emerges, finally, glittering on the sea shore, until someone comes along who recognizes how special it is. When we wear sea glass, we are wearing the ocean’s jewelry– and the transformative energy within.

Read more about the process, the glass, and the story here.

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