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How to Care for Gold-Filled + Sea Glass Jewelry

How to Care for Gold-Filled + Sea Glass Jewelry

Your jewelry was made with Panama Sea Glass and 14 Karat Gold-filled metal, which is second *only* to solid gold in terms of quality.  It’s a step up from gold plated and gold vermeil jewelry.  Gold filled jewelry can absolutely last you a lifetime, depending on how well you take care of it.  How you treat it will directly affect the longevity of your jewelry.

How long your jewelry lasts comes down to three factors:

  1. What touches it (what chemicals your jewelry comes in contact with)
  2. How often you clean it (the longer the chemicals stay on the surface, the more potential for damage)
  3. How you store it (more air = more potential tarnish and oxidation)

1. Avoid tarnish

The following factors can tarnish your jewelry more quickly: 

  • Pools and hot tubs
  • The ocean
  • Your body chemistry
  • Sweat
  • Body products: oils, sunscreen, lotion, etc.

Whenever possible, remove your jewelry when you know you are going for a swim or a workout. Simply avoiding tarnish can greatly increase the life of your jewelry and reduce your maintenance time. 

2. Clean it regularly 

Even if you avoid harsh situations, daily wear can add up.  Gently remove makeup and oils with a soft cloth, preferably a jewelry polishing cloth.  I love Sunshine brand polishing cloths.  If you know your jewelry came into contact with body products like sunscreen, soak it in warm water for about a minute and give it a scrub with an ultra soft brush. I mean, ULTRA soft.  Dry it thoroughly afterwards.

3. Handle with care

  • Avoid sleeping in your jewelry. Taking it off while you snooze will help extend your jewelry’s lifetime a great deal.  
  • Don’t drop your jewelry!  It’s made with sea glass, which can break when dropped.  If you do drop it (whoopsie), I offer free repairs within 2 months of purchase. After 2 months, I will make it like new for you for a small fee to cover materials and shipping.





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