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8 Ways to Be Grateful for World Gratitude Day

8 Ways to Be Grateful for World Gratitude Day

It’s World Gratitude Day. Whaaat? Did you even know this was a thing? You might be thinking, “what should I be grateful for this year?” I mean, 2020, UGH! I get it. But I’ll bet you still have things to be grateful for. Below are 8 ways to celebrate World Gratitude Day.  Maybe one of these ideas feels good and genuine to you … 

  1. Start a Gratitude Journal – If you’re not new to journaling, your hand-scrawled pages might be filled with statements like, “I need to stop over-thinking” or “I need to do better at letting things go”. Is your journal full of things you think need fixing? Instead, start a gratitude journal and only write about things you’re grateful for. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to shift your mindset from negative to positive, even after just one journal entry. Give it a try!
  1. Dish out the Compliments – It’s human nature to only speak up when we have a complaint. Instead, look for the good in others, and be intentional about letting them know. Did you notice the cashier at your grocery store has really cool glasses? Tell her! Did you love your hairdresser’s funky Go-Gos t-shirt? Tell her! Did you spot your customer rocking a pair of earrings you made? Tell her how great they look on her. Compliments are free, and you never run out of them. When you share the love, it sends a ripple effect farther than you realize. 
  1. Give Back to your Community – Volunteer at a local food bank. Deliver groceries to the elderly in your neighborhood. Transport someone to a doctor’s appointment so they don’t have to take public transportation. Adopt a road and invite your friends to help pull weeds or pick up trash. Opportunities for giving back are all around us. Even the smallest things can make a difference, plus, you get that “feel good” vibe in return. Bonus!
  1. Reflect – Things could always be worse. It might not feel that way sometimes, but it’s true. Take a few minutes to reflect on another time, when nothing was going right. Maybe you had a string of bad luck, a lousy break-up, or got fired from a job. Simply reflecting on the worst times (don’t dwell there) can put things into perspective. You’re luckier than you realize.
  1. Celebrate your Tribe – Spending time with your favorite people is one of the simplest ways to practice gratitude. Laughing, joking, sharing stories and supporting your besties, makes you feel alive. Tell your spouse how much you love them, tell your kids how proud you are of them, give your fur baby an extra caress or belly-rub. A little love goes a long way!
  1. Connect with Nature – Take a walk in the park, or search for sea glass along the beach. When you quiet your mind and unplug from technology, your brain releases natural endorphins, and you can appreciate the beautiful world around you.
  1. Give a Gift, Just Because – Who doesn’t love a surprise gift, especially when it’s unexpected, or not tied to a birthday or anniversary. It’s the thought, not the cost (or size) of the gift that matters. Send flowers to your boss just because she’s great to work for. Deliver a complete dinner to your sister, to remind her she’s doing a great job, balancing work and kids. Gift a beautiful piece of jewelry to your BFF, just because you’re grateful for her friendship. Gifting doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. I can help you with this one! 
  1. Be Grateful for You – Sounds cheesy, but why do you find it difficult to appreciate yourself? Forgive your mistakes, stop picking apart your appearance, your wrinkles or curves, and simply love yourself. Be grateful for your mind and body for getting you this far. Things could definitely be worse! 

I’m deeply and eternally grateful for YOU. Not just today, but every day. Because of your generous support, I get to do what I love everyday… design and make beautiful jewelry for YOU. I’d love to hear how you celebrated this day, so put your comments below. Oh, and if you need help with that just because gift, I got your back! Just hit me up HERE.

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